Turkish CultureTurks by nature are very friendly and sociable people. Don’t be surprised when chatting to the locals you are invited to their home for a meal, or to drink ‘çay’ (tea) in their shop. Most people, certainly in Kalkan and other tourist resorts, speak English, so conversing is easy. In the villages, this is not the case and your phrase book might just come in useful!

Kalkan has three working mosques, all of which you are welcome to visit except on a Friday which is Islam’s Holy Day. Dress rules must be respectfully adhered to. Women must cover their head with a headscarf, and cover their arms and legs. Men should wear long trousers and at a minimum a t-shirt.

Nudity is illegal throughout Turkey, and although a modern country, topless bathing although generally accepted is still frowned upon by some. The wearing of t-shirts and shorts is perfectly acceptable, but it is generally advised not to walk around in bikinis or trunks, and to cover up when in restaurants.


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